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The Hard Truth About Iron in Well Water

Few things in life are more refreshing and healthy than an ice-cold glass of rust orange metallic tasting water… You need iron in your diet, but not quite like that. Here is some useful information about how iron gets in your water, potential hazards of it being...

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What Causes Hard Water?

Hard water can be a real pain in the glass…and shower, laundry machine, and personal grooming. Today we are going to look at what causes this grimy little nuisance. WHAT IS HARD WATER?Hard water is water that has a significant amount of dissolved minerals, mainly...

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Water Freedom Solution

Clean water is not available in all areas nowadays. Lot of towns and cities are having severe and sudden water shortages. Because there is no availability of required water, it becomes tough for people to get their essential needs of water like drinking, washing,...

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